About us

OBiO Technology (Shanghai) Corp., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "company" or "OBiO") is a domestic leading high-tech enterprise, which focuses on viral vector packaging service for both basic life science research and gene & cell therapy drug development and clinical preparation in China. Since established in March 2013, OBiO has got over 100 million RMB of equity financing, and was listed on “National equities exchange and quotations” (NEEQ Market, ID:839702, stock name: Heyuan Shanghai), Dec. 16th, 2016. The average growth rate of annual sales revenue is more than 50% over the past five years. With all the staff’s efforts, OBiO had got a lot of honors. Now, OBiO is a “Good Faith Enterprise of Shanghai”, “technical innovation and quality service organization of small and medium-sized enterprises of Shanghai” and “expertise-focus-special-new enterprise of Shanghai”.

Located at Shanghai International Medical Zone (SIMZ), OBiO can offer adeno-associated virus (AAV), lentivirus, adenovirus and retrovirus packaging services for experimental, preclinical and clinical research mainly in neuroscience, oncology, metabolism, cardiovascular disease. So far, OBiO had a integrative platform (>6,000 ㎡) of research and development, pilot production, and business office. The staff of OBiO is more than 200 people including 20 PhDs, and master's degree or above accounted for >32%. The company has 12 patents of authorized invention, 1 patent for utility model and 8 invention patent examinations, in China, the United States, Japan and Australia, etc. Since established, OBiO has got support for >20 million RMB from the Commission of Economy & Information Technology, the Commission of Science & Technology of Shanghai, Science Innovation Center, the Commission of Science & Economic of Pudong new area, and the administrative of Zhangjiang. OBiO’s services had extended from viral packaging to gene editing (CRISPR/Cas9 etc.), exosome detecting, long non-coding RNA analysis and other advanced biotech services. As a remarkable achievement, our products and services have been directly referenced on top journals, for instance, Science, Nature, Cell, Nature Neuroscience, Nature medicine, et al.

OBiO has always been adhering to the objective of "integrate your and my resources, serve for life science", under the business model of "Multi-cooperation + research service + industrial support", providing overall solution of gene therapy research CRO services for the domestic universities and scientific research institutions, medical institutions and pharmaceutical companies. In order to further enhance the capability of technical service, the company keeps increasing investment in the value of itself. For process development, OBiO starts a comprehensive strategic cooperation in gene therapy with General Electric Healthcare (GE healthcare), which is the world's largest supplier for biological pharmaceutical technology and equipment, in 2016. OBiO plans to invest 110 million RMB, to build the first domestic GMP virus production workshop (> 5000㎡) based on disposable technology, which lays a solid foundation for the development of international service market, in the first quarter of 2017. For drug research and development, OBiO has several pipelines, including tumor target AAV drug, antibody and antibody drug conjugate against tumor, viral constructs for CAR-T therapy. The gene therapy drug AAV-TRAIL has already entered the stage of clinical application.

With the vision of “Let gene therapy benefit humans”, under the strategy of "build a platform, promote gene therapy industry", under the background of worldwide precision medicine initiative and brain initiative, OBiO is beginning to be the first cooperative choice for universities and institutes, medical establishment and pharmaceutical enterprises.