Target Recombinant Virus

The OBiO team has more than 10 years of CRO service experience in virus production.

· Adeno-associated virus (AAV)

· Lenti virus (LV)

· Adeno virus (ADV)

· Retro virus (RV)

· Herpes simplex virus (HSV)

· Other oncolytic virus

We have built comprehensive technology capability and been well equipped to serve our customer from lab scale process development to clinical phase III.

Lab scale process development

A well-established lab and experienced scientists are working on process development and quality study, fully focus on virus.

· Provide small scale virus for drug candidates’ study.

· Ecoli Fermentation process development to improve plasmid titer.

· Plasmid purification process development for best quality and high yield.

· HEK293T cell culture process development, either Microcarrier or suspension cell culture.

· Virus purification process development by Chromatography and UF/DF technical platform.

· Virus formulation study.

· Up and downstream process validation during clinical Phase II or Phase III.

· Resin/membrane life time study in downstream application.

· Assay method development for virus quality control.

· In-process sample test.

· Virus drug substance or product release test.

· Assay method qualification or validation.