OBiO Biotechnology (Shanghai) Corp., Ltd. is a leader in viral vector packaging service domain for both life science research and gene & cell therapy in China. Since founding in 2013, OBIO has got over 100 million Yuan of equity financing, and was listed on “National equities exchange and quotations” (NEEQ Market, ID:839702), Dec. 16th, 2016. Located at Shanghai International Medical Zone (SIMZ), Shanghai, OBIO offers adeno-associated virus (AAV), lentivirus, adenovirus and retrovirus packaging services for experimental, preclinical and clinical research mainly in neuroscience, oncology, metabolism, cardiovascular disease.

OBiO is a “Good Faith Enterprise of Shanghai”, “technical innovation and quality service organization of small and medium-sized enterprises of Shanghai” and “expertise-focus-special-new enterprise of Shanghai”.

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Phone: +86 21 58585887*8812/8063

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